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The Services I offer

Web development

10+ years of experience with LAMP-stacks in miscellanious configurations. This includes small Wordpress sites up to large enterprise-scale websystems with many stakeholders and pageviews<.

Android Engineering

Configuring and setting up an Android build for a custom board. This includes adjusting the boot loader, customising a Linux kernel and setting up a build tree.

Windows Development

Writing applications for the Windows Environment in Visual C++ and Visual C#.

Embedded Development

Creating hardware for different types of systems, 60+ different systems created to date.

Android App Development

Writing apps for the Android subsystem, both native and with HTML5/CSS3 wrapper IONIC.

Embedded Engineering

Writing embedded software for ARM platforms. In the power spectrum from ultra-low power up to high power.

Hello, I am Pieter Anemaet...

I'm a full-stack developer living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I have worked with companies like Faurecia and Philips and currently working as a CTO at Atechnology BV.
Engineering is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

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